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With Websiteadvisor we want to show how easy it is today to create your own website or start a blog.

Professionally designed and easy to use.

Easy-to-use website builders and tools make it possible.

Our ambition is to publish amongst the best tutorial articles on the web for these topics.

Explained clearly and comprehensibly – and with neutral advice on the best tools to support your project.

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Who is writing here?

Hello 👋! We are Jörn, Johannes, Till and Rainer … four internet enthusiasts who have been professionally involved in website creation for many years.

We know the typical requirements and stumbling blocks on the way to your own website and have dealt with their solutions as technology journalists and in countless (customer) projects.

For Websiteadvisor, we have come together to answer these recurring questions in easy-to-understand guide articles.

And to make it as easy as possible for everyone to go online with a well-designed website.

The team behind Websiteadvisor

Jörn Brien

Jörn has been writing as a technology and business journalist for well-known news portals such as, Golem and Futurezone for over 20 years.

He also runs several websites and blogs of his own and works as an editor and proofreader.

For Websiteadvisor, he researches the latest tips and providers and prepares all information in such a way that even non-experts can follow it easily.

Johannes Portrait

Johannes taught himself how to programme and design websites as a schoolboy in the late 90s and supplemented his pocket money by bringing the local retail trade online with its first website.

Today, he works as a freelance designer in agencies and digital companies – but of course his heart still beats for the small businesses!

Till Heinritz Portrait

Till is a skilled jack-of-all-trades, self-taught website programmer and our WordPress expert in the team.

He ensures that the Websiteadvisor site is stable, secure and performs well – and always finds the best solution for our small and large CMS requests …

Rainer Krassa Portrait

Rainer is a designer, lecturer and experienced front-end developer.

For Websiteadvisor, he brings our design ideas in HTML and CSS to life with great attention to detail. And ensures that the website is easy to use – whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The website market has changed a lot in recent years

Providers such as WIX, Jimdo and others have recognised the need to make it easier for smaller companies and private individuals in particular to access their own website.

Even an online shop with its own product catalogue and secure payment processing is no longer reserved for professionals.

While the modular systems were slow and sometimes clumsy in the beginning, they are now very mature and offer professional solutions for most typical use cases.

The beauty of these tools is that they are based on modular design templates created by professional designers and programmers.

With just a few clicks, they can be customised to suit your own project – simply by drag & drop and text editing.

A professional website can be put together with just a few clicks

As colours, fonts and layout settings can also be adapted, it is still possible to implement an individual design.

If you reach the limits of the modular systems, you can also use a CMS tool such as WordPress with a little help to get started and realise more ambitious website or blog projects.

Despite all this, you still often meet people who believe that everything to do with websites is extremely complicated and technical. But this is no longer the case!

With the right advice and well-written instructions, any reasonably experienced computer user can now create a beautiful and functional website.

Our idea: a neutral tutorial magazine that provides transparent advice

But which provider suits my requirements? What do I need to consider when choosing?

What tips and tricks can I use to create a really beautiful website?

Where can I get the best value for my money?

We answer these questions in comprehensive, carefully checked and easy-to-understand guides and test reports.

That is our quality standard:

  • We explain in simple and easy-to-understand terms
  • But we also go into depth and explain details
  • We give you provider-neutral and transparent advice
  • We want to arouse enthusiasm for website topics

Questions and answers about Websiteadvisor

We built Websiteadvisor on the basis of the blog CMS We wanted the portal to cover a wide range of topics, so the flexibility of our own CMS (content management system) was important to us. As we have also been dealing with website topics professionally for many years, we wanted to incorporate our knowledge into our own project and be able to control everything from the ground up.

We also had our own custom theme with some special modules developed to make our articles easy to read and to present the sometimes abstract, technical topics graphically.

And because a fast-loading website was important to us, we opted for premium web hosting from Raidboxes.

Sounds complicated? Here we have described how you can go online with your own WordPress blog even as a beginner!

You are very welcome to send us your feedback!

We would be delighted if you leave a comment at the end of the article – our editorial team will also be happy to answer your questions there! Or you can simply send us your enquiry by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can find our contact details here.

In order to be able to pay for our editorial work, the operation of the website and ultimately our livelihood, we sometimes use so-called affiliate links. This means that we may receive a commission if you click on a provider link and book a chargeable tariff there.

This does not disadvantage you in any way, the price does not change for you. It is also important to us that we provide neutral advice and only recommend providers that we have tested extensively ourselves and are convinced of their services. That’s why we usually present different providers and make their strengths, weaknesses and pricing transparent.

However, our editorial standards go far beyond simply comparing providers: in our step-by-step guides, we explain how to set up the website tools and which tips you should know in order to achieve the best results for you!

A lot of research work and editorial diligence goes into our instructions, so we are very happy if one or the other article has helped you! Why don’t you write a nice comment under the article that helped you, the author will be particularly pleased!

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